Pop-Up Paper New European Extends Run, Shows Industry How It’s Done

The New European, a pro-EU newspaper set up after Brexit, has extended its initial four week run after exceeding sales targets and making a profit.

In a boost to the struggling newspaper industry The New European bucked the recent trend set by failed papers The New Day and 24.

The New European was launched on July 8 and sold 40,000 copies, just nine days after publisher Archant conceived of the paper’s existence.

Strong sales have prompted Archant, which is primarily a regional publisher, to keep the weekly newspaper going on a rolling basis.

Archant CMO Will Hattam said: “Pop-up publishing is something that only Archant could have delivered.”

“We have the scale to produce a quality print product for a national audience, but also the agility to turn things around fast and cost-effectively enough to profitably service a community that’s popped into existence overnight.

“We’ll only produce the paper for as long as our readers still want it.”

Steve Dyson, writing on Hold the Front Page, said the difference between the The New European and the now-defunct 24 is that 24 sold repackaged news that people could get elsewhere, whilst The New European sold original and exclusive content.

Unless a publication can occupy a niche people are willing to pay for, Dyson says the only way to compete is to give general news away quickly for free and attract advertisers with a large readership.

He said: “So roll-up, roll-up and take your choice: launch new, paid-for titles with jealously-guarded, exclusive content that people will queue to pay for, or relaunch what you’ve got as free papers that turn old news around fast enough to give away to more readers.”

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