Make Business to Business Social Media Work For You

Although Facebook was first used by college students, and later by any individual with access to the web, it now has more than 50 million business pages included within its 1.6 billion accounts.

For B2C companies the opportunities social media platforms offer are obvious: There’s a lot of potential customers to talk to.

For many B2B firms, however, the usefulness of sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, is less clear: While gaining an online profile may be nice, how, in the end, does that convert into actual business?

It makes sense to question a content strategy that will take time and effort to implement, but the positive potential of social media for B2B marketing should not be underestimated.

Done right, B2B social media can build brand awareness, generate leads, drive website traffic and increase conversions.

Still not convinced? Then check out these case studies:

Magnet Trade – Facebook and Twitter

Builders’ Merchant Magnet Trade used social media to grow awareness of its role as a kitchen and joinery supplier to the trade and increase trade account applications.

The strategy used was two fold: First Magnet’s target trades audience was identified and built-up on Facebook and Twitter – an audience the firm discovered was best motivated by activity targeting geographic locations.

Over five months Magnet’s posts included content that highlighted specific store offers and the firm’s work within the community. All in all, Magnet’s Facebook fans increased by 197 percent, while its Twitter followers jumped by 240 percent.

The second part of the campaign spent four weeks concentrating on directly interacting with social media users, in order to drive them to Magnet’s webpage for opening a trade account. In just one month, 541 social media users visited the page, 85 percent of whom were first time visitors.

General Electric – Instagram

Engineering giant General Electric (GE) first cottoned on to the benefits of picture posting site Instagram for showcasing its new technology to industry enthusiasts and businesses back in 2011.

Because of the striking appearance of GE’s technologies – which include turbines, jet engines and locomotives – the pictures have proved very popular within the industry over the years.

To maximise their reach GE runs initiatives that provide prominent Instagram tech photographers, as well as other Instagram users, with behind the scenes access to GE sites – such as a jet engine test centre – in order to earn the brand attention.

For instance the #GEInstaWalk campaign generated more than 200,000 social media posts, drove 3.5 million unique visitors and more than 3,000 new followers to the GE Instagram account and was featured several times on Instagram’s most popular page.

Telefonica Digital – YouTube

Telefonica Digital launched the Everreach virtual landline service for small businesses who use mobile phones to run their companies in 2013.

Two years later, Telefonica commissioned a documentary style film featuring three entrepreneurs speaking about the phone call which changed their business life.

The film, which was viewed more than 127,000 times on YouTube and more than 100,000 times on Facebook, led to a 61 percent increase in Everreach sign-ups, compared with the previous six months.

If you would like to discuss how to best use social media for your business – whether through copy, video or photography – please call Nick at The PR Company on 01430 478555.

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