See What’s Happening: Twitter Tries To Reassert Its Place In The World

Struggling social media giant Twitter has launched a marketing campaign aimed at attracting new users, as it attempts to bust preconceptions about the platform and how it is used.

Newly appointed CMO Leslie Berland is leading the push to position Twitter as a place “to see what’s happening everywhere in the world right now”, after revenues have fallen at the company.

Despite the network’s 300 million users growth has stalled, with social sites Instagram and Snapchat beginning to overtake Twitter’s audience and challenge its dominance. The site has also been under pressure because of the abuse some of its users face.

Using the tagline “See what’s happening” Twitter’s comeback campaign includes a series of digital adds and videos featuring big cultural, political and sporting events, such as Game of Thrones, the US presidential elections and the Olympics.

The campaign will also tailor regional content of interest to audiences in the UK.

In a blog post Berland said that although Twitter’s global recognition was at 90 percent, there were too many people who don’t use the platform because they don’t know or don’t understand what it’s for.

“Many thought of Twitter primarily as a social network, a place to find and connect with friends and family members. Second, they thought if they wanted to use Twitter, they were “supposed to Tweet every day” and didn’t think they would have that much to say. We realized we had some explaining and clarifying to do!” Berland said.

“Starting today, we’re taking steps to express what we’re for and what we’ve always been. Twitter is where you go to see what’s happening everywhere in the world right now. From breaking news and entertainment to sports and politics – from big events to everyday interests with all the live commentary that makes Twitter unique.”

However, citing the vile abuse suffered by actress and comedian Leslie Jones on the site as just one example of many, Daily Dot writer Selena Larson pointed out that “harassment is what’s happening on Twitter.”

“Twitter can inform you, and it can ruin your internet experience. The question new users must ask themselves: Is it worth potentially getting harassed to follow and share things I care about? The company’s inability to effectively control the narrative is its Achilles’ heel. In the coming weeks, Twitter will double down on telling its own story, focusing largely on current events and popular trends people are talking about,” Larson wrote.

“Big picture, this makes sense. But on an individual level, people might look at this narrative and see a group of people who are driving conversations around the world, not a community unique to their interests and ideas that’s accepting new members. Twitter doesn’t just have one story. Maybe it should listen a bit more to the voices telling theirs.”

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