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Companies involved in building major developments often face a unique set of communication challenges. Balancing public opinion with stakeholder engagement can be tricky as the two groups can clash on what they feel is best for an a village, town or city. tprc. has a long, excellent track record in navigating complex engagement issues and has led a number of high profile and successful Public Affairs campaigns at local and regional level. By their very nature, each Public Affairs campaign is unique so we tailor each campaign precisely to the client’s needs and the audience they need to reach.

Naturally, media relations plays a big part in such campaigns, but there’s also a lot of “behind the scenes” work to be done. From staging and manning public consultation events to writing and organising presentation, we offer a complete package of Public Affairs support that can be tailored to develops of any size and capital investment. Our unrivalled background in regional journalism and knowledge of the planning process means we are uniquely positioned to help clients get their message heard by the right people.

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