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A PR strategy isn’t deciding whether you use Twitter or LinkedIn, or write and distribute press releases or not. It isn’t even a tiedup content calendar stuffed full of beautifully crafted blogs, infographics and videos, dissemination wisdom and value to your prospects. 

A true PR strategy is bigger than that. It starts with the organisation and looks at the relationship it has with its audiences. If it is misaligned in any waythe strategy addresses that 

It also identifies the potential reputational risks to the organisation and finds ways to avoid them. If they are unavoidable, it finds a way to manage them. 

A PR strategy doesn’t just deal with communication, although that is a big part of it. It looks at the organisation’s behaviour, and it how this relates to its external audiences, stakeholders and staff. And it recommends behaviour change where potential for problems exist.  

A communications strategy grows from this. The content, the tools, the channels, are all of product of the PR strategy.  

In our experience, strategy, be it PR, marketing or communications, is the aspect businesses most struggle with. At worse, this leads to total inertia.  

More often, however, businesses adopt a haphazard approach that has no articulated objective. They communicate because they know they have to, but there is no thread or common purpose to pull those communications together.  

If this sounds like you, its because you lack strategy.  

tprc. has helped businesses across a lot of different sectors create effective PR, marketing and communications strategiesWe look at the organisation and its audiences, and find ways to align the two, while minimising potential reputational threats to the business.  

So, if you’re struggling to know where to start, then your best strategy is to get in touch. Strategy is the roadmap for all of your PR, marketing and communications activities. Without a map, of course, you’ve got no idea where you’re going. Let us guide you.