Case Study: The Wyton Road Renewable Energy Project

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The Wyton Road Renewable Energy Project is a solar farm development proposed for land between the villages of Preston and Bilton in East Yorkshire, just a short distance from Hull’s eastern boundary. Once operational, the project will generate 49.99 MW of electricity – enough to power around 16,000 homes. The scheme also includes a state-of-the-art Battery Energy Storage [...]

Case Study: Have I Got News For You – how we won £500k worth of media coverage for robot housebuilder

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A robot building a house isn’t something you see every day. One doing it from traditional bricks, blocks and mortar is even rarer. In fact, there’s only one in the world, the Automatic Brick Laying Robot (ABLR), created by Yorkshire business Construction Automation. After four years of innovation and development, Construction Automation set their robot the task of [...]

The 9 cornerstones of your construction marketing and property development marketing

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Advances in technology and software have driven radical change in PR and marketing over recent years. In many ways this is a good thing; activity is more measurable than ever before, making finding out what works much easier. However, the wealth of techniques and strategies out there can make it difficult to know which are the most relevant [...]

Case Study: A giant coming out the ground – how we documented DPD’s new depot in Howden being built by property developer Horncastle

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There are many great aspects to being an architectural photographer, but one of my favourites is documenting construction projects.  Whether the scheme is large or small, there’s just something very satisfying about showing an empty patch of land flourish into someone’s home or someone’s place [...]

The three words that changed my approach to SEO forever

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We all have that meeting – the meeting which, when remembered, makes you cringe and wince. Maybe you froze after being asked a relatively straight forward question, mind racing to find the right answer. Or maybe you totally misunderstood the question and answered with some irrelevant script, time slowing as you look at everyone’s blank or confused faces as [...]

The website design process is back to front and completely broken

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I think the process of designing or redesigning websites is fundamentally flawed, broken even. It’s back to front with the tail wagging the dog and the internet is full of sites that hurt their companies because of this ill-conceived approach. The problem is that these web design projects are led by web designers. Now, let [...]

Be Hemingway, don’t be Proust; a short guide to blogging

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We do a lot of blogging, for ourselves and for clients. In our view, blogging should form a central part of any content strategy, alongside video and other compelling visual media. Blogging drives traffic, lead generation and conversion by providing clear value to prospects; it demonstrates the culture and personality of an organisation to potential employees; [...]

Six Marketing Trends for your Construction Company for 2022

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There can be no denying that the pandemic sparked dramatic changes in the behaviour and informational needs of B2B consumers – and those changes have been driving content marketing trends and opportunities consistently skyward. As the B2B community shifted online en-masse and how we do business got disrupted, key questions arose – how do we best reach potential [...]

Even if you’re a marketing manager with an in-house team, an agency can still add value

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At tprc. we work with all sizes of company, from start-ups and microbusinesses to PLCs, and they all have their unique requirements and challenges. Often, for smaller business, we constitute their entire PR and marketing department, formulating and delivering their strategy as they usually don’t have the budget to employ any in-house expertise. For medium-sized and larger companies, however, [...]

How small businesses and start-ups can get the most from a PR and marketing agency

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The old saying “professionals rely on professionals” is never more true than when it’s applied to outsourcing PR and marketing. Done badly or half-heartedly, PR and marketing will just add bloated content fodder to your channels as well as cost to your bottom line. Done well, your PR and marketing will add genuine value for your prospective clients, it [...]

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