Architects and designers

We collaborate with architects and interior designers to create high-end imagery that elicits emotional responses and a desire to experience that space.

As an architect or designer, you speak through your work. It is your vision and will brought to life. Your sense of style and your aesthetic is what separates you from your colleagues in the industry. And you need your marketing and your portfolio to reflect that. 

tprc. understands how vital your portfolio of past architectural and design projects is to your business development. People getting access to your completed work is a major issue. Potential clients can’t just knock on someone’s front door and asked to see the lounge, bedroom, etc. Potential clients won’t get on a train or plane and come and see your completed building and see how well it sits in its natural environment. And so high-end, quality photography and/or video walkthroughs that match your brand, are crucially important to winning business.

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Our creative director Dan is an experienced professional photographer and filmmaker and is regularly published in the Times, Telegraph, and Daily Mail, and has (to date) five features on the Vogue Italia website.  

Dan starts every job with in-depth chat with the client so he can understand fully the feel, the vibe, the purpose of each project – to ensure he best captures and showcases your vision. He places great emphasis on light, composition, depth, texture, and, of course, lines. He is looking to create an emotional response to your project and spark a desire in the viewer to be in the space that you created. 

The visual services we provide include (but are not limited to) …  

  • Before and after shots 
  • Progress shots 
  • High end portfolio/brochure images 
  • Video walkthroughs 
  • Aerial photography and drone footage 
  • Magazine level retouching 

  tprc. also has a great track record in providing the following services …  

  •  Ghost writing articles 
  • Blog strategy and writing 
  • Social media marketing and management 
  • SEO 
  • Magazine submissions
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