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SEO – the art of getting seen in searches

Getting your website to the top of search engine results has become an increasing priority for companies across all sectors. Digital marketing trends are constantly changing, however, the value of good SEO is constant because …

  • 80% of all web sessions start with a search engine
  • 60% of all clicks following a search go to the first organic result, the number one ranking.
  • 80% of users (your potential clients) do not look beyond the first page of results

When someone is searching for services or goods your business provides, SEO is about putting your firm in front of that potential client at a time when they are in a buying/browsing frame of mind.

SEO is an investment that keeps paying dividends. Campaigns across social media platforms or advertising can be very effective but have a short shelf-life – when you stop paying, you stop getting results.

tprc. offers no-nonsense SEO strategies with tangible results.  We are certified SEO practitioners and have worked in SEO for over a decade. We offer a range of services, from purely keyword research, through to backlink generation, site audits, as well as optimised copy-writing and blog strategies and campaigns.

At the heart of any great campaign is keyword research. Using specialist tools, we analyse what words and phrases people are using to search for goods and services relevant for your company, we then sense-check them, and then break down those searchers by demographics. That data is then used to form a strategy covering optimised content and backlinks to ensure your business’s website ranks as best it can for those search terms.

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