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How video can develop your business

We are now – more than ever – living in a visual age, so one of the best ways of communicating is through video. Be it animation or live, the moving image combined with the right music and the right words is incredibly powerful. Also, having a YouTube presence is a valuable part of your digital footprint.

As hard as it is making an effective video, it’s easy to make a bad one. And bad videos go viral for all the wrong reasons. You do not want that to be you. Don’t leave it to chance. Don’t leave it to Bob in accounting just because he has a fancy camcorder. You need someone with story-telling expertise as well as the technical skills and capability to do your business justice.

We have been making more and more videos on behalf of clients and we follow a very simple process

  • Meet with client to nail down the business objective for the video and discuss outline concepts
  • Go away and come up with a detailed storyboard and script for client approval
  • Put in place production schedule
  • Shoot, shoot, shoot
  • Edit, edit, edit

A few of the big brands we have worked with

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