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Social media is a vital component part of any complete communications strategy, whether you’re B2B, B2C, or a charitable or political organisation. But there is so much more to social media more than just simply setting up Facebook and Twitter profiles – to be effective it requires planning, a cohesive strategy, and a deep understanding of what kind of content plays well across different platforms. Getting the right combination of content and delivery, that’s where the magic happens.

At tprc. it’s all about the story and shaping that story differently for all relevant platforms.

But social media should not just be a one-way conduit for pushing clients’ messages. It should be a conversation. The most successful businesses are often the most engaged. So we continually monitor social media on behalf of clients, responding and engaging with the public and feeding back issues to clients.

tprc. has the expertise and creativity to take your social media activity to the next level. Social media management is available as part of a complete communications package or as a standalone service.

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