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We put construction firms and civil engineers at the forefront of their fields by delivering successful PR and marketing campaigns. And we save developers and businesses time and money by delivering communications campaigns that help projects win planning consent at the first hearing.

Developers and construction companies often face a tricky job. On the one hand they want to create impressive schemes that can bring economic regenerationprosperity, improved choice and better accommodation to an area On the other, they can face criticism and resistance from residents, pressure groups, the media, politicians and any number of other sources. 

Throw in the odd great crested newt, bat or water vole for good measure, and you’ve got the makings of a very long and drawn out development. 

At tprc. we know the value of great stakeholder engagement. And we also know the value of great timing. In our experience, the two go hand-in-hand. 

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Managing communications and stakeholder engagement should be a central part of any new development. From the inception of a scheme through the design, planning process and construction to delivery, understanding your key audiences and how to communicate with them can be the difference between success and failure. 

Knowing when to communicate, and when not to, is also an integral in protecting the reputation of the development and the companies behind it. 

tprc. has provided PR, stakeholder analysis and engagement, public consultation and lobbying services for a large number of developmentsThese cover residential, retail, renewable energy, industrial, warehousing and logistics, tourism and leisure, scientific laboratories, and mixed-use commercial, residential and leisure. They include C4DI, RB’s (formerly Reckitt Benckiser) £105m Centre for Scientific Excellence and Ozone Business Park 

Although we are Yorkshire-based, the processes and procedures we use are transferable to anywhere in the UK. That’s because we start with research. We learn who need to influence how to do more with most impact.  

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We are well versed in dealing with difficult and controversial schemes, helping to ensure the benefits are well communicated and understood through a number of different channels, including: 

  • Project website 
  • News, business and industry media 
  • Social and online media 
  • Public consultations and exhibitions 
  • Political lobbying 
  • Private briefings and meetings 
  • Letter writing and email campaigns 
  • Photography and video 
  • Speech writing and presentations 
  • Crisis communications management 

We can provide project-based work for individual developments, or work as your strategic, retained partner, providing effective communications services for your property business as well as your developments.  

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