Project Description

Energy Works

Project: Energy Works


Value: £150m

Client: Spencer Ltd

Skills: Stakeholder engagement, media relations, strategy, planning and public affairs

tprc. was appointed to manage the PR and Public Affairs surrounding a planning application for Energy Works, a £150m “green” power station close to Hull city centre.  

The development, by Spencer Ltd, was designed to generate electricity and bio-methane from household and commercial waste and on the surface looking controversial and unlike to gain planning consent. 

We engaged positively with a range of stakeholders including local MPs, residential communities, local businesses and environmental groups, ensuring they understood the complicated project and its benefits, and to keep them informed with relevant developments. This was achieved through a series of meetings, stakeholder and public exhibitions, a project website, leaflet campaign and of course, the media. 

We managed all messages to ensure they were clearly understandable to all audiences and were factual to minimise the risks of half-truths and rumours causing a crisis situation.  

The campaign was supported by the media, both local and national, with positive coverage appearing in print, broadcast and online. Naturally, extensive coverage during the three months of the campaign allowed for dissenters to voice their opposition and we openly engaged with them to allay some of their fears. 

What had looked like an impossible task at the beginning of the campaign – to achieve planning consent for a power station in the middle of a city – went the developers’ way, achieving success on first vote.  

The client’s response? “What a fantastic result today. Well done and thank you for your extraordinary efforts.” 

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