Project Description

Brough South

Project: Brough South


Developer: Horncastle Group 

Value: £200m

Skills: PR, media relations, stakeholder engagement, social media management and monitoring, photography  

Big developments spark a mix of strong feelings – and Brough South in East Yorkshire is no exception. Brough South is a £200m development that will create 1,000 new family homes and will include a new primary school, healthcare facilities, supermarket, family friendly pubs and restaurants, other non-food shops and space for local businesses. Once completed it will create 700 permanent jobs, as well as 200 jobs during the construction phase.  

 tprc. is retained to provide PR and media relations, hand-in-hand with social media management and monitoring.  

A development the size of Brough South attracts regular press attention from the local and regional press, and the construction industry and associated media, whether invited or not. To maximise the prospect of press coverage being positive rather than neutral or negative, it is necessary for us to employ a proactive PR campaign, to ensure the developer sets the media agenda – rather than any opponents to the scheme. 

To achieve this, we closely monitor social media for negative conversations so the developer can deal with potential issues before they get traction and media attention. 

We also work closely with the developer to put together a schedule of key dates every three months so we can plot the major developments over this time. These will be for the basis of press releases for the local and regional news and business media, and the national construction press. We also supply a 24/7 press office function. 

As well as social media and media relations, we also provide photographic updates and images to accompany media releases on request. 

The scheme is being brought forward by leading East Yorkshire property developer, the Horncastle Group PLC, in partnership with East Riding of Yorkshire Council and Network Rail, on behalf of the Brough South consortium. The consortium is made up of Horncastle Group PLC, Alma Jordan (Builders) Ltd, Riplingham Estates Ltd and BAE Systems Ltd.