Six Marketing Trends for your Construction Company for 2022

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There can be no denying that the pandemic sparked dramatic changes in the behaviour and informational needs of B2B consumers – and those changes have been driving content marketing trends and opportunities consistently skyward. As the B2B community shifted online en-masse and how we do business got disrupted, key questions arose – how do [...]

Facebook’s major changes to the News Feed that WILL effect your company’s page

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  Facebook is making a major change to the News Feed that will show users more content from friends and family and less from brand and company pages. In last night’s announcement, CEO Mark Zuckerberg says that, as a result, he expects that people will spend less time on Facebook. This change could have huge implications [...]

How to survive … creating a pitch

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It’s pitch time again. That means all of the following is happening right now at TPRC Towers … ♦ The Sharpies are out and sharp objects have been locked away ♦ The wall is plastered with visuals covered in serial-killer-type scrawl ♦ We’re arguing over the placement of a comma in a tagline ♦ Everyone thinks [...]